Christ United Worship

At Christ United we believe that our worship to the Lord is what we’ve all been created for.  Worship is essential to the life of each follower of Jesus Christ.  Worship gives us the opportunity to exalt the Lord and who He is while worship is also a powerful force of weaponry against the devil and his influence. 


Practice will start at 8:30 a.m. Please listen to new songs and be prepared. I am always here to play through them for you. Just give me a call.

March 24th Worship Set- “All Creation” F  David Binion (Anthony lead)
“Blessed Be Your Name” A Matt Redman (Tracey Lead)
“At the Cross” D  Hymn Project  ( Ali  Verse one, Men verse Two, Ali tag ending)
“Build My Life” G  Pat Barrett ( Roger verse 1., David verse 2)

Special Music   “Love Has a Name”  G  Kim Walker-Smith
Michelle Cotton

Message   India Missions Presentation


March 24th Praise Team- Michelle Cotton, Roger Davis, Nila Chibisov, Sue Lucas ,Carrie Tucker, Tracey Jellison, Alison Moore
Piano & Vocal- Anthony Johnson
Piano Pad & Vocal- Sandy Yount
Acoustic Guitar & Vocal- David Ho
Electric Guitar- Mark Tucker
Bass Guitar- Nick Ervin
Drums- Jakin Hoffer
Sound- Dudley Smith

March 31st Praise Team- Daniella Marshall, Alyssa Raduenz,Dean Mckinney, Nila Chibisov, Tracey Jellison, Carrie Tucker, Tina Dunham, Alison Moore
Piano & Vocal- Anthony Johnson
Piano Pad- William Van Dam
Acoustic Guitar & Vocal- Nick Ervin
Electric Guitar- Jonathan Jellison
Bass Guitar- Mark Tucker
Percussion- Jakin Hoffer
Drums- Rick George
Sound- David Ho